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Another week and we’ve been in the Communities First’s North West Cluster at the South Penlan Community Centre. This was our final week working in the Communities First cluster areas as next week we’re moving on to work with children from Blaenymaes Primary School.

This week’s group wanted to make a film about Swansea and to do this we utilised our connections with the fabulous Poets on the Hill #POTHS creators of film Gaze Upon the Yonder from last year’s film-making workshops! The group went in to the city centre to capture shots of the people, places and changing moods of Swansea and they thought it would be great if the film could be accompanied by a poem about Swansea.

So, we got in touch with Poets on the Hill, a local poetry group and  to see if anyone had written poems about the city. We were extremely lucky as Gemma Collins, a member of the poetry group and a participant from last week’s film-making course stepped up and kindly wrote a poem for the film.

We were also fortunate to be joined by two excellent volunteers this week and would like to say a big thank you to Stuart and Georgina for all your help!

Women from Communities First South Cluster are pictured on Locws International's community film-making course in Swansea

Well what a wonderful week it’s been. We’ve had a brilliant, highly enthusiastic all women’s group this week and the group decided to make a film about gender and gender inequality. We had a great mix in the group this week with mums and daughters, participants from around the UK and Europe and Junior Miss Swansea.

The group discussions explored the issues around gender including gender identification and gender inequality. Can’t wait to see the finished film

Once again it was wonderful to see familiar faces among the participants as people who have attended our sessions in the past joined us for the course once again including people who have been volunteers and have come as a participants this time and those who have been participants who now volunteer with us.

Women from Communities First South Cluster are pictured on Locws International's community film-making course in Swansea

Women from Communities First South Cluster are pictured on Locws International's community film-making course in Swansea

Women from Communities First South Cluster are pictured on Locws International's community film-making course in Swansea

Image from Video Preview of LOCWS International's 2017 Creative Participation Programme's Film-Making Sessions

A little preview of some of the Swansea Communities First community films created and brilliant groups from the first half of our 2017 Creative Participation Programme‘s accredited community film-making workshops including groups from the African Community Centre Wales, Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) and the North East, East and West Communities First clusters.

Huge thanks goes to Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru | Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, City and County of Swansea Council and WEA Cymru/ Addysg Oedolion Cymru / Adult Learning Wales for making this possible and to our tutor Jamie Panton and the Communities First support teams for all their help in putting the sessions together.

LOCWS Creative Participation Programme Featuring Woman Decorated in British Flags from Communities First West Cluster's Film-Making Course at Mayhill Community Centre

We headed to the Communities First West Cluster this week to run our accredited community film-making course (thanks to WEA Cymru/Adult Learning Wales!) and were based in Mayhill Community Centre. It was a fantastic week filled with lots of fun, enthusiasm, games and animated discussions around the topic of memories. We even had people running around playing football, hopscotch and having street parties.

The brilliant participants chose to make a film looking at memories and the group discussed and looked at the differences between the past and the present.  All good material for what will surely be a great film.

Two of the group enjoyed it so much they will be joining us on next week’s course as volunteers!

LOCWS International would like to introduce Sam Saidely, he is working with us on a 3 week work placement until Friday January 29th in partnership with the ACT Training and the BBC Make It Digital programme, which is helping young unemployed people boost their digital skills and get a foot on the jobs ladder.  Read more…

By responding to Michael Stumpf’s work at the Amphitheatre, UWTSD Fine Art students Rhiannon Ames and Lucy Bethel created a collaborative site-specific event that attempted to disrupt the space with performative intervention.  Read more…

Get involved with Art Across the City 2015

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to join our team and help us carry out our public art programme. Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience and get involved with what’s going on in the art scene as well as get an insight in to how public art organisation operates. Through volunteering you will also meet like minded people and build experience and skills in areas such as artwork installation, administration, publicity, invigilation, workshop support and professional development.

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Volunteer Profile

NAME : MOLLY LEWIS AGE : 21 STUDENT : BA Fine Art, First Year,

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