Sculpture Workshops in Townhill Community School & Waun Wen Primary

Guest Blogger : Gemma Bevan, Learning Communities Project Officer, (Communities First West Cluster) writes her feedback.

Over Easter half-term Communities First worked in partnership with Art Across the City to deliver a series of free workshops. In total 18 participants (age 9-11) from Townhill Community School and Waun Wen Primary, worked with Locws artist Dave Marchant to produce a collection of clay models, based on the ‘Prototype‘ sculpture by David Cushway.


David CushwayPrototype‘ Art Across the City 2015

            The workshops were facilitated by the artist over four days. He planned the sessions in stages, so that the children had the opportunity to sketch and design their models, paint images, and work with the clay to create their very own super car. The group discussed the relationship between Art and Science and the concept of speed being captured in a still object. They also spent time looking at other work within the Art Across the City collection and discussing their responses.

The artwork created by the group is currently being exhibited at ‘The Hub’ in Swansea Quadrant and will later be shown at an exhibition in Swansea Civic Centre foyer (Opening June 4th 2015).


The children rated the workshops highly during the feedback sessions. Their evaluation and ideas for further activities were captured in spider diagrams. We also have a collection of photographs illustrating the different stages of model design below.

Townhill Community School :





Waun Wen Primary School :