Musical Mystery Tour

Art Across The City invite you to join us on unique musical mystery tour around Swansea, this Saturday, 23rd May at 2pm. Kicking off in our busy Info Hub in Swansea’s Quadrant Shopping Centres, the short walking tour will see a variety of musical performances alongside our art commissions from local musicians including Jemma Krysa, Junior Scully and Joan Jones, with special guests to be added.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the artworks in a new way or see them for the first time before the exhibition closes on June 1st.

Jemma  Krysa is an acoustic folk singer songwriter from the rural mining village of Tairgwaith, near the Black Mountains in South Wales. Jemma’s unique voice has a captivating velvet warmth and together with her emotive lyrics and beautiful rhythmic melodies, Jemma is proving a big hit on the musical circuit. Jemma will be performing at Graham Dolphin‘s monument outside the Civic Centre, which was in itself inspired by the song Swansea, by Joanna Newsom.

Junior Scully is a local singer-songwriter who uses an acoustic guitar as an accompaniment to his music. Since 2011, he has acquired a strong local following via online videos and playing gigs at pubs and clubs across South Wales.

Artist, musician and bon viveur, Joan Jones is a musical maverick with a ukulele. Joan was recently Artist in Residence at Glynn Vivian Art Museum & Art Gallery and will be performing live in the Amphitheatre alongside Michael Stumpf’s work.

Each musician will perform a short set at each artwork on the tour, which is expected to take an hour before returning to the Info Hub at 3pm for more performances. Please join us at 2pm in the Info Hub.

If you are interested in performing, please email

NB> The Swansea weather is an unpredictable beast so please bring appropriate clothing. If the weather is truly terrible, performances will stay in the Hub.

Joan Jones

Joan Jones

Here are some photo’s from the event:

IMG_8177 IMG_8180 IMG_8187_2 IMG_8209 IMG_8214_2 IMG_8249 IMG_8270 IMG_8294