Locws Schools 2015: Grange Primary: Tour

 Art Across the City 2015 Tour

Lots of the children were very aware of the Art Across the City project and had seen some of the Artworks dotted around Swansea, so we were off to a great start.
Armed with sketchbooks and pencils we started our tour in the Hub.
Lucas stated that he has lots of ideas and enjoyed thinking outside of the box.
Whilst viewing David Cushway’s work, Luke thought it looked like a turbo car and Jamie said it reminded him of a shoe.Libby thought that Colin Priest‘s work referred to “where we live”.
Naomi said, “I like watching the sunset on the beach”.
Lucas noticed that Jeremy Deller’s print in the Hub was the reverse colour of the one on the Wall at St.Davids which was a great observation.
Nell thought that it should have been more colourful and James said, “More time is needed”. “Do you believe in magic” is what Alisha would write.
“At first I thought it was a real guy”, said Sammy about Michael Stumpf’s work.
Iestyn said “coffee on the go”.
“It may refer to the amount of gum that ends up on the floor”, said Nell.
Rhys said, “I would call it Pink Rock”.
We drew many sketches in the Ampitheatre where Stumpf’s work tested the groups imagination.
A cloud of buildings was the quote given to Emily Speed’s Work by James and Tom. Luke and Johan said that their schools motto was to aim high so together they could put their faces on balloons as a project.
Sammy thought that the balloons enhanced the space of the building.
Maisie was fast to pick up on Graham Dolphin’s “Swansea track 10” by asking if there was a Swansea in California and Johnathan asked if there were ‘wild west type’ signage there.

Save the date See the outcomes of this project in the next Outreach and Education Exhibition Oct 10 – Nov 8 2015, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. Event Listing

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