LOCWS Creative Participation Programme

The LOCWS Creative Participation Programme provides exciting creative skills development courses for residents of Communities First areas in Swansea.  For the first series of sessions we are running Film-Making Workshops led by artist David Marchant, to enable up to 40 participants to design, develop and create their own film, animation or music video. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own ideas from the outset and guided through the process of scripting, designing, filming and promoting their films.

The programme aims to help people to develop employment skills and find work,  by improving positivity and confidence about seeking work. Participating in a personal and social development activity also aims to promote engagement within the community and improve creative skills.

The project offers a first taste of a popular medium in an enjoyable and instructive way that aims to give participants employability skills, build confidence, broaden horizons and encourage further study, training and seeking employment.Transferred Skills: Ideas Development, Script Writing, Project Planning, Film Making, Digital Editing, Group Working, Confidence Building, Project Delivery and Presentation.

See the films produced on the LOCWS International YouTube page.

This is an Agored Cymru accredited course, and can assist participants to progress into further education, training and employment.

This project has been designed within the context of Arts, Culture and Heritage being a significant contributing tool to tackling poverty. LOCWS International is a member of the Swansea Creative Learning Partnership, which brings together Arts, Culture and Heritage organisations with Communities First and other organisations that contribute towards alleviating the effects of poverty.

“It is extremely encouraging to see such concrete examples of good work emerging from the partnership. This kind of outcome – around soft skills but also outputs such as accreditation – is, I believe, very much what will make the Pioneer Area programme a success”

Tom Cosson, CyMAL Project Manager, Welsh Government, Aug 2015.

To document the workshop programme, a documentary film will be made to capture the stories and development of the participants, showing how they have engaged with the workshops and what they learn and achieve as they develop their own film.  With a focus on their participation in the project, the documentary aims to highlight the potential benefits of partnership working within the new Swansea Creative Learning Partnership programme and how it can help individuals benefit from exposure to the creative industries and cultural sector.

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