Gowerton Primary School – Tour and Workshop

Pupils from Gowerton Primary school year 1/2 undertook a tour on 19/05/16 of the latest Locws International Art Across the City exhibit, RESISTANCE, the exciting commission by Rich White as part of the Locws  Schools project during the Summer term 2016.

The year 1/2 class from Gowerton Primary school were intrigued by Rich White’s sculpture and there were lots of interesting comments and first impressions.” – DM

“It’s a house”, said Bailey.  “It’s a bridge”, said Bobby.

“They haven’t finished it “, replied Bailey.

“There are doors everywhere”, added Riley.


“It’s like a house that’s broken”, said Ali.

“ Its unequal, its not the same both sides. One side is painted”, said Bronwyn.

“It looks like a big pile of junk”, said Josh

“It’s more than junk”, Mohammed replied.


This class were very interested in the piece and busily rushed around exploring it from all angles. This class were called the ‘Ant class’, which was very appropriate as they discovered an ants nest that inhabited the work.

Jay and Gabriel spotted lots of patterns within the furniture and on the artwork. They all thought that it looked like lots of buildings” – DM

Ali said “It reminds me of a secret door to somewhere”.

The children were looking forward to making their own art work back at school and were discussing their ideas as they walked back to the bus.” – DM

IMG_2675 IMG_2677 IMG_2678 IMG_2681 IMG_2685 IMG_2691 IMG_2697

Following the tour of Rich White’s work children from Gowerton Primary school attended a two day workshop with our ‘Artist in Residence’ Dave Marchant. The workshops saw the children create exciting 2D and 3 D sculptures using mixed media that interpreted the work they saw on the tour. Take a look at the amazing work they created below:

Children began the workshop by creating interpretive chalk drawings in the school yard

Children from Gowerton Primary begin to create objects from recycled materials

Children from Gowerton Primary begin decorating the cityscape structure

Children from Gowerton Primary created an amazing city scape sculpture featuring superheros using recycled and art materials

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