Waunarlwydd Primary School – Tour and Workshops

Pupils from Waunarlwydd Primary school year 3/4 undertook a tour on 25/05/16 of the latest LOCWS International Art Across the City exhibit, RESISTANCE, the exciting commission by Rich White as part of the LOCWS Schools project during the Summer term 2016.

IMG_2874 IMG_2877 IMG_2880 IMG_2888 IMG_2893 IMG_2895 IMG_2882

The pupils of Waunarlwydd Primary then attended 2 days of creative workshops in their school where they created artwork in response to the tour led by our ‘Artist in Residence’; David Marchant. The workshops saw the children create exciting interpretive 2D and 3 D sculptures using mixed media. Take a look at some of the wonderful examples below:

Children from Waunarlwydd Primary School created figures of people with clay

A painted face with half a head of yellow hair featuring a pink face and half a head of brown hair with a white face

Children from Waunarlwydd Primary School created a city sculpture with buildings and peopleClose-up of the sculpture showing the clay figures with the city in the backgroundTrue to Rich White's work the children from Waunarlwydd Primary School created openings where it is possible to see glimpses of the other side of the sculpture - in this example you can see the clay figures through an opening

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