LOCWS Creative Participation Programme Featuring Young Woman Holding Toy Gun from Communities First East Cluster's Film-Making Course at Birchgrove Community Centre

Communities First East Cluster 2017 LOCWS Workshops

Week two of our Creative Participation Programme’s film-making workshops and we’ve been in Birchgrove in Communities First East Cluster. It’s been a fun-packed week with the group who chose to create and produce a horror film. The participants loved the sessions so much they even created a lovely thank-you card for our wonderful tutor, Jamie Panton.

Illustration of LOCWS Film-Making Workshop Tutor Jamie Panton Holding Action SnapperNote for LOCWS Film-Making Workshop Tutor Jamie Panton saying "Thank you for giving us the confidence and support in the making of this film that we didn't think we could do. You made us all smile and laugh"

Here’s a few photos of the participants in action