Half Term Film Workshop at EYST

LOCWS Creative Participation Programme 2018

Workshop 2 : EYST – Ethic Youth Support Team, 20th – 23rd Feb

LOCWS International hosted a 4 day film workshop during Half-Term as part of our 2018 outreach programme, which will include producing 8 films with community groups across Swansea.

An enthusiastic group of young people at EYST ( Ethnic Youth Support Team ) took part in the film-making workshop with local film-maker Jamie Panton. The group developed themes around multiculturalism in Swansea while thinking about the idea of ‘belonging’. The group had a fantastic week of new experiences; “It was fun as the work was challenging and productive.” – one member of the group said.

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel to watch the completed film.

Below: Participants filming a creative animation at EYST.

Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team  (EYST) was set up in 2005 by a group of ethnic minority young people in Swansea. It aimed to fill a gap in provision for young BME people aged 11-25 by providing a targeted, culturally sensitive and holistic support service to meet their needs.

The workshops enabled participants to design, develop and create their own film which involved creative writing, character design, animation, video and sound recording, and editing. Participants were encouraged to develop their own ideas from the outset and were guided through the process of scripting, designing, and shooting their films.

LOCWS International works in partnership with other Third Sector, Educational and Cultural organisations in Swansea to contribute towards; alleviating the effects of poverty, and helping individuals benefit from exposure to the creative industries and the cultural sector.