Locws Schools 2009: Penyrheol Primary

Guided Tour

It was going to be interesting to see a year six’s reaction to contemporary art and one must never underestimate the perception that junior school children have when viewing art.

Immediately Dylan said that Marko Mäetamm’s ‘Graveground’, makes him feel that there are good and bad people in the world. Aaron, following this comment, related this sculpture with their local playground, which had been recently vandalised.

Whilst viewing Tanya Axford’s film, Sam wrote this comment down,” How empty places can be and how lonely people can be’.

Dylan loved the drawings by Aisling O’Beirn and was very inspired.

Whilst walking to the Quadrant via St David’s Square, Katie said that the St David’s shopping centre looked as though it had died and referenced it to ‘Graveground’.

Everyone enjoyed Neville Gabie’s triptych and liked the fact it took them on a journey.

Christie said that Megan Broadmeadow must like shoes. “I think its spectacular”, said Carys. “Can we sit on it”, said Ellie.

In general everyone enjoyed the tour and went home with some unusual ideas.


Looking at Neville Gabie’s triptych ‘Land and Sea’ in the Quadrant Shopping Centre


Looking at Neeme Külm’s ‘Dylan Thomas’ in Dylan Thomas Square, Swansea Marina