Visitors Flock To Visionary Historic Artwork

A visionary historic artwork by artist Jackie Chettur ‘…it is 89 days this morning since we left the Mumbles head’ has captured the imagination of the public as over 1,000 people have enjoyed the work in its opening week.

The artwork, which is sited outside the Civic Centre in Swansea, depicts the long and hazardous journeys of the city’s ‘Cape Horners’ who sailed to Chile in the late 1800’s to collect copper ore for the Hafod Copper works. Using a diary by Benjamin Davies, an industrial worker who sailed on one of the ships, Jackie Chettur has brought to life his epic voyage and refocused interest upon Swansea’s world famous copper industry and the mariners who risked their lives to provide the raw materials.

“I created the artwork using historical artefacts, models and paintings that depict the long journeys and extraordinary sights that the sailors experienced as they set sail from Swansea Bay, past Mumbles Head and out beyond the horizon”, said Jackie Chettur. “I wanted to depict the incredible voyage which took over 100 days to make. These mariners saw some extraordinary sights and my work in a way pays homage to their lives.”
Created using 3D image technology the images are displayed within stereo viewers set out on the seaward side of Swansea’ Civic Centre with the view of Mumbles head in the distance. The artwork is on view until 23rd May.
The artwork has been commissioned by Locws International as part of its ART ACROSS THE CITY programme of temporary artworks sited in locations around the city that respond to an aspect of the city’s culture, heritage, architecture and people.
Dates: 30th April – 23rd May, 10 – 5pm daily.
Location: Swansea’s Civic Centre
Locws International works with international and Welsh contemporary artists to create new visual artworks and projects that respond to the culture and heritage of the city of Swansea. With Support from The Arts Council of Wales, The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The City & County of Swansea, Swansea Museum and The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.
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For further information contact Holly Davey, Project Manager on 01792 468979 or for images or further information