Sara Rees

Sara Rees was born in Gower, Wales and lives and works in Cardiff, Wales
Sara Rees’s work is inspired by an on-going fascination with the human mind. She sees that despite it’s incredible power to reveal and understand so much about life and the world and the universe we inhabit, the human mind remains a mystery to itself. Especially mysterious are the areas of the ‘unconscious mind’ or ‘subconscious’, and it is these that interest her most.
It is this exciting space of uncertainty that Rees invites the viewer to explore in her work. The installations she makes use both everyday and unusual objects and materials, and this coming together of the familiar and the strange imbues the work with a dream-like quality. The use of light, sound and movement create a theatrical visual language, which seeks to immerse the viewer in its atmosphere
Sara Rees completed her MA in UWIC, Cardiff and her BA in Dartington College of Arts. She has exhibited internationally including exhibitions in Russia, Latvia, Canada and Czech Republic
Recent exhibitions include 2006: ‘Between The Sheets’, Juno Gallery, London; ‘Undercover’, Oriel Davies, Newtown; ‘Infinite Longing’, ABC Gallery, Art Strelka, Moscow; ‘Sense of Place’, Site-ations International, Riga, Latvia; ‘Flourish’, Moravzka Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic. 2005, ‘Anima’, Galerie B-312, Montreal; ‘Kissing The Pink’, Art Academy, London; ‘Celestial Blues’, Chapter, Cardiff. 2004: ‘Body =Construct’, Anexo Espace, Sao Paolo; ‘Horizon’, HaagseKunstKringe Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands; ‘ArtConcept’, Eco-Art, St. Petersburg, Russia