As part of Art Across The City 2014, we launched the world’s longest, ongoing online poem, the TAWE MEGA POEM. Inspired by the Dylan Thomas 100 centenary, Swansea and the artworks and workshops in Art Across The City, we want you to get involved in writing your own poetry to add to the MegaPoem. Award winning poet Rhian Edwards has written the opening lines and now it’s up to you to be inspired. The lines of poetry can respond to the previous line, be a message to the world, or whatever you think is poetic. We have received over 1000 entries to date, and every day we watch it grow longer.

We are looking for contributions from all over the world so send us your poetry! You are limited to 140 characters per line, but you can add as many as you like. Please add your words below and share it on social media #MegaPoem

Click here for Standalone version for use on smartphones