Dylan’s Character Wall – Summer Competition

Summer art competition for all ages – Entries have now CLOSED please keep watching for our next Locws competition!

We invited you to take part in our inspiring summer competition, to design your own cartoon drawings inspired by the writing of Dylan Thomas and his wonderful characters. For Art Across the City 2014, we commissioned New York artist, Jon Burgerman, to respond to the poetry and writing of Dylan Thomas, these cartoon drawings act as an exciting example to inspire you to start your own drawings of poetic characters.

We will make a selection of the best drawings to be displayed as part of a public exhibition in October 2014, to coordinate with the Dylan Thomas centenary celebrations.

There will be creative prizes for a number of the selected drawings thanks to kind sponsorship from Playright, Swansea.

locws-jon-burgerman-print,   petry workshop

We are looking for bold, colourful designs, to make a vibrant display. The exhibition will be seen by lots of visitors and the local community, this is an exciting opportunity to share your talents in celebration of Swansea’s favourite son.

If you would like to take part, please invent a character from your own imagination in the same way as Dylan Thomas did.     Here are a few of the characters he created:

  • Captain Cat                   The old blind sea captain who dreams of his old shipmates.
  • Myfanwy Price              The sweetshop-keeper, she writes lots of love letters.
  • Mr Waldo                        Rabbit catcher, barber, and cat doctor.
  • Mae Rose Cottage       Seventeen and never been kissed, she dreams of meeting her “Mr. Right”.
  • Butcher Beynon            The butcher, dreams of riding pigs and catching wild chickens.
  • Old Smalley                    The bearded park keeper in uniform, he looks after Cwndonkin Park.
  • Jack Black                     The cobbler, he makes and mends shoes.

Dylan Thomas created the characters for his poems from the people he knew in his home town; can you think of people you know, that can be transformed into creative cartoon characters?  What features can you enhance?  Do they have any special powers?

Captain Cat was one of Dylan Thomas’ most celebrated characters; can you think of any cartoon characters that are part animal and part human?

Our only requirements are that the characters are produced with a bold outline, on either A4 or A3 paper. You can colour in, draw, paint, collage or design the characters either by hand or using a computer, we recommend using bold materials like felt tip marker pens or paint and coloured papers. If your design is selected, we will contact you and you will be credited on the Locws International website and the related publicity material for the exhibition in October.


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Doodle‘ by Jon Burgerman, Art Across the City 2014.

The deadline for designs to be returned to us is Friday 19th September.

Please write your name, age, address, and phonenumber on the back of the artwork and send by post to:

Dylan’s Character Wall, Locws International, 16 J Shed, Swansea, SA1 8PL. 

If you would like us to return the competition entries to you, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your entry.

locws-jon-burgerman4   locws-jon-burgerman1

Please see our facebook event page for updates about the competition.


We hope you will be interested in participating and we look forward to receiving your artworks. Good luck!