1000 MegaPoem Entries!

We’ve done it! Perfectly timed for Dylan Thomas’ birthday – we have received over 1000 entries to the Tawe MegaPoem. Congratulations to all of you who have participated so far, we have been overwhelmed by the volume of poetry uploaded since we launched the online communal poem as part of  Art Across The City 2014 Award winning poet Rhian Edwards has written the opening lines and now it’s up to you to be inspired. We’ve crossed the 1000 lines milestone but More Poetry is Needed, as Jeremy Deller says! The lines of poetry can respond to the previous line, be a message to the world, or whatever you think is poetic. Add your lines here:

Baptised by Vikings and anchored like Rome
in a brine basin of seven snapdragon hills,
spills this marble town and city of laughter.

A pother of ship sails, a smelting brume,
Copperopolis, coal harbour, metal morphosis
to fire-clay, alum, tin-plate and porcelain.

To the coffee-ringed poems in the ruins
and scrawling ashes of the Kardomah Cafe.

– Rhian Edwards

2014 marks the Dylan Thomas Centenary, what a perfect opportunity to get creative and have a go at writing your own poetry as part of a record breaking, ongoing online poem.

Some of our favourite lines so far, as printed in a recent CCQ article: