Art Across The City 2015

Art Across The City 2015
21st March – 1 June
Launch day: Saturday 21st March

Locws International is pleased to announce five new temporary public art commissions for Art Across The City 2015, our 15th anniversary. In that time we have commissioned over 100 established and emerging local and international artists to make new work in Swansea.

For 2015, we have five new commissions from artists Michael Stumpf, Graham Dolphin, Emily Speed, Colin Priest and David Cushway, bringing you balloons, Wild West monuments, Joe’s ice cream, land speed attempts and tap dancing boulders. 

The five new artworks will be situated in highly visible locations, responding to Swansea’s rich and diverse heritage, culture and population. Our new Info Hub in Swansea’s Quadrant Shopping Centre will host exhibitions, workshops and our education and outreach activity.

Download an Art Across The City 2015 Brochure here:


Graham Dolphin has recreated a lonesome memorial from the ghost town of Swansea in Death Valley, California. Once a mining boomtown in the 1860s little of the town remains apart from a memorial. Placed outside the Civic Centre, ‘Wild West’ signs made by Swansea schools point to other namesakes across the world.

Emily Speed has floated a huge cluster of helium balloons high up in the Civic Centre atrium, each printed with a picture of the building. Speed both celebrates and laments the loss of an equally loved and maligned piece of architecture.

David Cushway’s prototype for a record-breaking vehicle is made from clay, possibly the material least designed for speed. Based in our Information Hub in the Quadrant Shopping Centre, the sculptural prototype is stopped in its tracks as it slowly crumbles away whilst on display.

Colin Priest’s Bay Watch celebrates the vast sky and heritage along Swansea Bay. Coinciding with the centenary of The Slip Bridge, Priest has created an archive, made a silent film and commissioned a limited edition Swansea Slip Bridge Summer Sundae with Joe’s Ice Cream, on sale in their Mumbles and Swansea parlours.

Michael Stumpf brings an almost absurdist, punk rock approach to public art in Swansea. Using the Amphitheatre as a setting, three large sculptures, including a ‘tap dancing boulder’ temporarily occupy the stage and seating, and invite you to join them in a debate about the nature of their ‘thing-ness’.

A diverse range of workshops, events and outreach activity, along with ten permanent commissions further support the programme including works by Jeremy Deller, Bedwyr Williams, Pete Fowler, Sinta Tantra, DJ Roberts, Sean Puleston, Rik Bennett, Bermingham and Robinson, Mark Folds and Niamh McCann.

Art Across The City 2015 will launch on 21st March with an informal opening reception at our Info Hub in the Quadrant Shopping Centre at 3pm.