Introducing David Cushway

Who are you?
My name is David Cushway or ‘Cush’ for short and I am an artist based in Cardiff originally from Essex

Hello how are you?
I am very well thank you I have just returned for a holiday in Australia

What do you do?
I originally trained in ceramics for my degree and post-graduate and since then my practice has expanded to include; film, photography, installation and performance. 


What have you been doing recently?
I have recently completed a PhD and I am now awaiting my Viva Voce at the end of March. The main focus of my study was the interpretation of the ceramic object within museum collections. Two of the film works that were part of the practical element; Last Supper at The Glynn Vivian and Teatime at the Museum are due to be exhibited in the ceramics exhibition ‘Fragile’ at The National Museum in Cardiff, which opens on April 16th

What are you doing for Locws?
I am working in collaboration with The Institute of Sustainable Design and Paul Morrow from The Automative Design Department here at Swansea University. We are designing and building a vehicle prototype which will be made from high-density foam and clay

What are your ideas behind the work?
Firstly, Swansea and the surrounding area- Pendine Sands- has a history of welcoming innovative car designs to record and break land speed records and with this in mind I developed the idea for ‘Prototype’. Secondly the automotive industry utilises the unique qualities of clay to realise vehicle designs in 3 dimensions, employing skilled craftspeople to achieve this. As already mentioned I trained in ceramics and I have always been fascinated by the use of clay, an archaic material, and its contribution to cutting edge technology. The work hopefully distils these ideas into one form.

What do you think the public will make of it?
I hope the public will be intrigued by the object and the process by which it is created