Get Involved in our Arts Outreach and Learning Programme

Get Involved
Our award winning Arts Outreach and Learning Programme provides a wide range of free opportunities for you to get involved with creative workshops, guided tours, exhibitions and events or even join our team of brilliant Locws volunteers.

Here’s what’s currently available for you to take part in:

LOCWS Creative Participation Programme
This is a series of exciting creative skills development courses. We run Agored Cymru accredited Film-Making and Media Workshops to enable participants to design, develop and create their own film, animation, documentary or music videos. Participants are encouraged to develop their own ideas from the outset and guided through the process of scripting, designing, filming and promoting their films. See our blog and social media channels for the latest opportunities to take part. Each year the films are shown at SwanComm Film Festival, you can watch all the films on our YouTube channel.


LOCWS Collaborative Public Art Programme
This is a programme that enables participants to create new collaborative public artworks, where participants design and make the artwork to be installed in the public realm, enabling members of the community to play an active part in the regeneration of where they live. From a pilot project during Art Across The City 2015, the programme has now seen artworks created by members of the community in Singleton Hospital and at local schools. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest opportunities to take part.

Learning and Resources
Use our online resources to learn about each artwork, artist and Art Across the City event since we opened our doors back at the turn of the new millenium. Our creative activities are designed for all ages, we have used materials easily found in every household such as pencils, paint, old magazines, cardboard, paper and glue, get inspired by what you find here. Send in pictures of your results and we will publish them on our website! Just email or you can even post them* to: LEARNING with LOCWS International, PO Box 127 SA3 9BF

(*If you would like us to return your projects at a later date please include SAE)

YGG Pontybrenin Locws Schools 13:10

Guided Tours
To visit and learn more about Art Across The City artworks book a Free Guided Tour with a Locws Live Guide. We have nine public artworks currently on display around the city. To book your tour please email:

YGG Pontybrenin Locws Schools 13:10

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to join our team. Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience and get involved with what’s going on in the Swansea art scene. To become a Locws volunteer, please download and complete the form and return it to: or post it to: LOCWS International, PO Box 127, Swansea SA3 9BF

LOCWS Schools Artist In Residency Programme
Locws International has established an ongoing educational programme called Locws Schools that sees schools from the Swansea area take part in site-specific arts projects. Locws Schools is run in conjunction with Arts in Education, City and County of Swansea. The projects are run by artist David Marchant and use Art Across The City events and local cultural heritage as inspiration.

To take part in a future Locws Schools programme or for more information contact

Tawe Mega Poem
Originally commissioned in 2014, the Tawe Mega Poem continues to grow with thousands of online contributions. We want the public to get involved in writing the world’s longest, ongoing online poem. Inspired by the Dylan Thomas Centenary, Swansea and the artworks and workshops in Art Across The City, we want you to add your own lines. Award winning poet Rhian Edwards has written the opening lines and now it’s up to you to be inspired. We are looking for contributions from all over the world so get involved and upload your poetry today!

Baptised by Vikings and anchored like Rome
in a brine basin of seven snapdragon hills,
spills this marble town and city of laughter.
A pother of ship sails, a smelting brume,
Copperopolis, coal harbour, metal morphosis
to fire-clay, alum, tin-plate and porcelain.
To the coffee-ringed poems in the ruins
and scrawling ashes of the Kardomah Café.