Aisling O’Beirn

Some Swansea Sites
Technium Square, SA1 | Swansea Amphitheatre | The LC Car Park, Oystermouth Road
Museum Green, Victoria Road | Civic Centre Seafront

Aisling O’Beirn has created a collection of drawings depicting both familiar and unfamiliar features and elements from around Swansea. Themed on ships, bridges, street furniture, urban weeds and assorted landmarks, O’Beirn has collated the drawings into 5 multi-imaged graphic posters.

The posters are exhibited using pre-existing distribution systems, incrementally published as collectable items in the South Wales Evening Post over the duration of the exhibition and publically displayed on
billboards at different locations across the maritime district of the city.

O’Beirn’s project sees the circulation of vernacular information about Swansea bringing together the familiar and unnoticed aspects of the city.