Angharad Pearce Jones

Fashion forever goes round and round; skill once lost is lost forever

The Maritime & Industrial Museum

‘When an industrial legacy has already been immortalised as it has been in The Abbey Woollen Mill at The Maritime & Industrial Museum, it is unusual for it to die a second death as will the mill when the museum closes to become the National Maritime Museum of Wales’.

‘As an industry, weaving laid the foundations for the industrial revolution, and the binary system that navigates the patterns in the weave are the blueprints of the world’s first computers, leading to the technological revolution. The work which is suspended above the machinery with The Abbey Woollen Mill ironically refers to the era, the 1970’s, when the mill was first brought to the museum, challenging the cyclical notion of history, frivolously repeated in fashions for clothing and interior design and lacking in the continuity of skills’. Angharad Pearce Jones 2002