Annie Lovejoy


The Helwick Lightship / 26 Castle Street / The River Tawe

Site responsive works which have developed through the enthusiasm & participation of local people. “reverberation – a re-echoing of sound, a reflecting of light etc., subjection to the action of a reverbatory furnace, something reverberated”.

Annie Lovejoy’s work on board Light Vessel No. 91 (The Helwick Lightship) has developed through a close working relationship with Fred Evans, who works on the ship. She presents three soundscapes installed in the ship’s air vents . ‘Letters to Denote the State of the Weather’ – based on the ships logging system, translated into Welsh & read by: Steve Darling, Tim Davies, Elen Morris, Karl Morris, Heather Pearce, Nia Roberts, Linda Shickell & Steve Williams; ‘Conversations with Fred’ and ‘Radio’ – the recording of radio communication from the Helwick by Swansea Amateur Radio Society, who were invited by Annie to participate in a global International Lighthouse Day Event.

In ‘Up the River Tawe’ Annie Lovejoy presents a performance on the River Tawe in association with harp player Nia Jenkins. ‘The idea of asking a Welsh harpist to play to people on a boat trip up the River Tawe was driven by a deep rooted curiosity, a love of music and Wales, the country where I was born. Unbeknown to me, was the reality of this river, which takes us on a journey through time, a pertinent landscape revealing the histories and present day realities of the Lower Swansea Valley. A land once poisoned by industry, now reclaimed by the community of Swansea’. Annie Lovejoy 2002