Brigitte Jurack

Junge mit Jacke

The River Tawe Bridge

Brigitte Jurack’s work is placed upon the remnants of Swansea (New Cut) Bridge which used to carry the Vale of Neath railway from the east into Victoria Station, where Swansea Leisure centre stands now. The bridge was built in 1863 and dismantled by 1965. The columns which stand in the middle of the River Tawe are remnants and signifiers of a past industrial and thriving city.

Alongside the solitary hooded figure perched on the edge of one of the support columns Jurack has installed a colourful parachute-like fabric over the second column, sprawling like fallen bunting, evoking the day after the party.

“The notion of the elsewhere, of the uncertainty in relation to time, space and function, which this particular architectural situation evokes is simultaneously expressed by young boys at the castle square, twiddling with their skateboard for hours, days, years: enactments of daydreaming each in their solitude world: the board”. Brigitte Jurack 2002