Calum Stirling

National Waterfront Museum Garden, Oystermouth Road

Working closely with the Amgueddfa Cymru– National Museum Wales’ ceramic collection, Calum Stirling has investigated Swansea’s famous Cambrian Pottery works and created a major installation based on pieces from the collection that were manufactured in Swansea. The blue painted scenes depicted on the plates, jugs and cups are recognisable landscapes that combine Chinese references with familiar British landscapes.
In his large-scale sculptural installation, Stirling has reconstructed these ‘imaginary’ landscapes, combining the fantasy depictions from the 1800s with familiar landmarks that can be found across Swansea today. The work is constructed like a theatrical set, through which viewers can navigate the scenery; immersing themselves in a landscape that could have come from China, Swansea or the depths of the imagination.
This project has been organised as part of Celf Cymru Gyfan–ArtShare Wales, Amgueddfa Cymru–National Museum Wales’ visual arts partnership scheme, generously funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.