Marko Mäetamm

Graveground / Active Arnie
National Waterfront Museum Green, Oystermouth Road

Marko Mäetamm has created a chaotic playground that sits beside Swansea’s brand new, well-organised leisure centre, The LC. The inspiration from Mäetamm’s project stems from his perception of the city undergoing a re-organisation and bringing new attractions and activities for its inhabitants. He also was also drawn to the lively nightlife of the city, and the vibrant and chaotic nature of a night out in Swansea’s drinking quarter.

This artwork combines the colourful, chaotic character of Swansea with its reinvention as a city of leisure. The LC provides a fitting backdrop to his playground of nightmares. Caged behind a steel fence, the playground appears sinister and apocalyptic.

Active Arnie
National Waterfront Museum Green, Oystermouth Road

Arnie the Active Swansea Aardvark (aka Active Arnie) is the mascot of Active Swansea. Arnie loves sport and games. He can sometimes be seen at a local Active Swansea centre having great fun learning to play football and rugby. Arnie would really like to be able to play for the Swans or Ospreys.

Not one to miss out on any fun, Arnie also enjoys playing badminton, tennis and netball. He likes to walk and cycle to most places. Arnie likes fresh fruit and vegetables. He prefers to eat carrots straight from the ground and do many other exciting things.

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