Paul & Paula

The Drifting Document

Swansea Museum

‘Drifting’ is the practice of the arbitrary navigation of a city in the pursuit of anarchy, play and poetry. The aim, to reclaim the city for subjective experience and pure pleasure. Dressed by top fashion designer, Hugo Boss; Paul & Paula become lost and intoxicated by the city of Swansea, slowly rubbing away the veneer of civilisation in order to expose the ‘poetry of the everyday’

The ‘situations’ encountered/manufactured were ‘documented’ by Paul on a hand held 5 X 4 field camera on Polaroid type 55 film and by Paula on a Nikon digital ‘coolpix’, with movie clip

The result of this interventionist strategy is a subjective snapshot of the city over a 24hr period providing a contemporary enigmatic document of Swansea generated from a series of performative escapades. The ‘drift’ was over a 24 hr period from 6pm, 23rd Aug. 2002 and was carried out by Teresa Dillon and Paul Jeff