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Locws Projects 2008

4th – 18th October 2008

Richard Higlett
Jennie Savage

Locws Projects is designed as part of the Locws International programme to work with artists to produce vibrant new artworks which are conceived and exhibited in Swansea, and respond to the people, culture, heritage and landscape of the city. The emphasis of these projects is collaboration and participation

For Locws Projects 2008, Wales-based artists Jennie Savage and Richard Higlett have been selected to work in Swansea over the forthcoming months, culminating in an exhibition to coincide with the Swansea Festival of Music & the Arts in October 2008

Both artists are exploring ideas that investigate some of the rich heritage and stories of the city and are working with members of the community to inform their work

‘Your Eyes Are A Window (A Soundtrack For The Horizon)’



Experience stories from the sea in a specially designed viewing booth in this ‘soundtrack for the horizon’. Inspired by Swansea’s seascape, artist Jennie Savage explores the lure of the horizon and the need to stand at the waters edge and look out to sea. For her Locws International project, to coincide with the Swansea Festival, she aims to explore this cultural phenomenon and references to the sea

Jennie will bring the watery view to life by researching stories about the sea, and the resulting ‘soundtrack’ can be experienced whilst you gaze out into the Swansea bay in a specially designed viewing booth


Jennie Savage

Jennie Savage lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Jennie Savage works in the place between public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story, lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites and the dialogue between meta-narratives and the phenomena of the everyday.

Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention, she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a micro-structure or simply an unheard voice. Using methods associated with documentary practice, traditions of story telling, historical research, psycho-geography and imagined other lives, the work adopts a multifaceted approach to the discovery and representation of a place.


Recent exhibitions include 2008: ‘The Arcades project: A 3D Documentary’ a project in development with Safle, G39, Museum of Cardiff and School of Social Sciences; ‘Exploration In Slowness’ a guided walk for Pooley Park, Warwickshire. 2007: ‘Museum Of The Moment: Harrow Road’, a simultaneous radio broadcasting project for wireless headphones (solo); ‘Out In The World: An Exploration Of The View’, Chapter Arts Centre Theatre; 2006: ‘Out In The World: An Exploration Of The View’, a sound track for the window produced on a 3 month residency at Méduse, Québec City. 2005: ‘STAR Radio’, Exhibition at National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff, UK