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Piecework Orchestra
National Waterfront Museum


Inspired by two of South Wales’ biggest exports: industry and music, Torsten Lauschmann has created an interface which enables him to control domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and drills to program musical tones and rhythms.
His ‘Piecework Orchestra’, located within the National Waterfront Museum subverts the idea of industrial production and surprises the viewer with its cacophony of sound.
The title is derived from the term ‘piecework’, which describes types of employment in which a worker is paid a fixed “piece rate” for each unit produced or action performed.

14th April – 13th May 2007

Rhona Byrne
Milena Dopitova
Carwyn Evans
Rebecca Gould
Torsten Lauschmann
Niamh McCann
Sara Rees
Helen Sear
Jaan Toomik
Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

Locws International 2007 saw the return of the ART ACROSS THE CITY event with ten new temporary artworks created by artists from across Europe on display in locations across the central and maritime districts of the city of Swansea

The contemporary artworks were made as a direct response to the city’s culture, heritage, architecture and people and took many different forms; from video projections, sound installations and museum interventions to photographic, object and material based works

Torsten Lauschmann

Torsten Lauschmann was born in Bad Soden, Germany and lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland
As an artist, filmmaker and live performer, Torsten Lauschmann celebrates glitches and out-takes, bits in between and images that might be easy to ignore. Over the past decade his work has evolved beyond straight photography and film works to investigate the mechanics of digital processes, software creation, experimental editing, approaches to performance and the sculptural potential of video installation. He creates new software for mixing AV freely available to all, holds workshops and screenings on video art practices, and produces sites specifically for other new media practices
Torsten Lauschmann studied Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art and Media Art at HfG Karlsruhe (ZKM). Since graduating in 1997 he has been exhibiting and performing his artwork/videos/music/software in the UK and internationally

Recent exhibitions include 2006: Parisud, Paris (solo); Mary Mary, Glasgow (solo); Traverse Theatre project, Edinburgh (solo); Open Eye Club, Glasgow (solo); Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow (as part of Glasgow International 2006); ‘Bastard Screening’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; S1, Screenings, Sheffield; ‘Artla 2006’, TART gallery, Los Angeles; 2005: 51st Venice Biennale, Northern Ireland Pavilion; ‘Radiodays’, De Appel, Amsterdam; ‘Festival Video’, Parisund Gallery, Paris; ‘The Audible Picture Show’, GFT, Glasgow; ‘Risk’, CCA, Glasgow; ‘The Chateau at Halloween Society’, CCA, London