LOCWS International and Swansea City Council present the ‘Swansea Plinth’ offering the public the opportunity to sample and join in with a wide and diverse range of artistic activities. Local artists, performers and community groups will be sharing their skills as well as highlighting the opportunities available to people in Swansea.

Oxford Street, Swansea from 10am – 4pm
Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th June

Activities Available Everyday:
• Make Your Own Sculpture with help from our creative volunteers
• Super Snaps of Swansea – tweet your photos of Swansea to #superswansea
• Swansea Memory Map – share, write and draw your memories of Swansea
• Lego Sculpture – bring some lego down and join in! (Sculpture by Jason & Becky, the public are being invited to donate their lego pieces)
• Sorry Board (let go of your regrets and write them here). Artist Cerys Thomas will have a “sorry board” on display which means that people can pin or stick notes saying “sorry”
As well as NEW ACTIVITIES DAILY including:
Tuesday 26th June:
• Interactive Art Wall – Help brighten up your city
• Artist Natasha Tresadern-Hill painting and drawing with tea
• “Protestor for Hire” performance by Stephen Donnelly
• Artist Collective Red Door exhibition
Wednesday 27th June:
• Public Mural being created by Dave Long
• Start your own Imaginary Tribe with Shell Shock Theatre
• Artist Cerys Thomas reading extracts from the Sorry Board
• Living Statue performance by Stephen Donnelly
Thursday 28th June:
• Free Monotype Printmaking Tasters with Swansea Print Workshop
• Display of sculptures made by the public – everyone welcome to join in
• DJ workshops and Graffiti skills from the YMCA
• Plus Zumba, Boxercise and Street Dance tasters with the YMCA
Friday 29th June:
• Live drawing by Artist Rosie Scribbler
• Andrew Kent Music Academy workshops
• “A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved” by artist Beccie Evans
• Arts in Action performance by Pen Afan School
• Collaborative Interventions by Jason & Becky
Saturday 30th June:
• Blindfolded Drawing by Brenda Oakes and Ann Jordon (they will need your guidance!)
• Groundswell Dance Troop show-off their moves
• Theatre Fforwm performance
• Local bands Thistledown and Scarlet Carson
• Swansea Print Workshop exhibition
• Artibods family art taster sessions – everyone welcome to join in
• Chalk Drawings by Tom Corlett