Resource Packs

Our Arts Outreach Coordinator, Erin Rickard, has developed and designed the first Locws International Art Resource Pack. The pack is designed to be used by educational establishments as well as by families and young people themselves. The first Resource Pack delivers a series of activities supporting interpretation and enjoyment of semi-permanent artwork
Dylan’s Pencil” by Mark Folds sited at Cwmdonkin Park, Swansea.

This Resource Pack will be used as the template for future Resource Packs, and we would appreciate your comments and feedback. To access the Resource Pack please send an email to subject: “Mark Folds Resource Pack”, to receive a password that will give you full access to the PDF.

To view, print or download Mark Folds Resource Pack, click here: Locws Full Resource Pack Mark Folds

You will need a password to access this Resource Pack as it contains copyrighted text by Dylan Thomas which cannot be presented online without password protection. Future Resource Packs may not need to be password protected. To access the Resource Pack please send an email to to receive a password.

We hope that you will enjoy!