Introducing Laura Sorvala

We are extremely pleased that Laura Sorvala is part of our upcoming Art Across The City 2013. Laura is a Finnish artist and illustrator now based in Cardiff, Wales.


Laura is interested in mapping stories and experiences, with her illustrations articulating emotions and opinions, often in a humorous manner. For Swansea, Laura is undertaking her largest drawing project to date, an 8 x 8ft cube situated in Swansea City Centre. This will captures the many different voices and stories of Swansea in Sorvala’s unique style. Three sides of the cube will be done in the studio in response to her research in the city, with a live onsite drawing event takes place during on 14th September to complete the work.


Laura is co-founder of Come to your senses project in collaboration with Emily Wilkinson. She is an active member of the local social design collective thinkARK.

Twitter: @_auralab @Locws_art #artacrossthecity


Art Aross The City 2013 takes place across Swansea from 6th Sept – 6 Oct, featuring artists Laura Sorvala, Juneau Projects, Matthew Houlding and Jacob Dahlgren.




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